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Welcome to Club Hot Rod! I want to register an account for free right now! Forum Rules. Always enjoy your tutorials Robert, thanks for taking the time to produce them. I actually needed to clear my roller rockers with some taller valve covers, I planned on changing them out at some point anyway, I think I made the right choice with these Ansen covers, matches with Last night we got some details crossed off the list, our radiator sits on the front side of the core support but the overflow can't stay on the front side as it would spew all over a painted splash Or if you snap the end off a tap: voila, it's a perfect candidate to become a bottoming tap!

Just grind it down, you'll use it eventually. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. I'm thinking of doing a partial build on a 76 that shows very little wear. No ridge at top of bores can't hang a finger nail on it and cross hatch still shows on bores, however timing chain was somewhat loose. The big question is that rod side play is about. Crank end play is about.

I know all this is not the best way, but my funds for this build are extremely limited. Can I live with the rod side play in an engine that will see use only to 5k rpms or less?

Bolt-On 230+ Horsepower to a 454ci Motor Home Big-Block

Ideas greatly appreciated. Register now for free! Join Date Apr Location bay city Posts 10, Thanks for your quick reply, I know this is not ideal sitch, but it should live awhile. Posting Permissions. New Forum Posts. New guy from Utah. Yesterday, PM. Absolutely New guy from Utah. All rights reserved.

Big block Chevy 454 EX268h cam slightly rough idle

All material found at Club Hot Rod are copyright protected.We all love big-block Chevys, right? But does that love affair include the much —maligned, peanut-port motors? For the uninitiated, peanut port refers to the small, oval-port heads used on the Gen-V truck motors run prior to the introduction of the Gen VI in When Chevy introduced the Gen VI iteration, they replaced the small oval-port heads with conventional-sized oval ported that flowed considerably better than their smaller brethren.

454 towing build

Since head flow is one of the key components to power production, the peanut-port heads are often dismissed by big-block enthusiasts as little more than paper weights. Besides, the junkyards are full of Gen-V motors just begging to be pulled and transformed. With torque production in mind for a heavy truck or towing application, we decided to see just what the peanut-ports had to offer.

To start our adventure, we took a trip over to our local wrecking yard to scoop up a Gen-V While Gen-VI motors offer a number of desirable features, including a hydraulic-roller cam and larger oval-port heads, we wanted to start off with the peanut-ports heads.

The Gen-V motors not only featured the smaller intake ports, but also hydraulic flat-tappet cams. These Gen-V motor will usually be topped by a simple throttle-body injection, which we removed prior to dyno testing. After grabbing a suitable candidate from a full-sized truck, we cleaned it a littleinstalled it up on the dyno and began our dyno prep.

Because it now lacked an induction system, we installed a dual-plane intake from Speed Master. A dual-plane intake is the ideal choice for a low-rpm, torque application.


The intake was teamed with a cfm 4-barrel carb, a conventional distributor and long-tube headers. Run in this configuration, the Gen V produced hp at 4, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 3, rpm. Our thinking was that it was destined to serve long hours under grueling conditions, why not give it a new lease on life. Besides, everything we did would only help power production with the peanut-port heads.

After disassembly, the block was bored. The pistons were slung on the reconditioned, factory rods and a polished, stock crank. Obviously new rings were installed on the forged pistons. The piston swap increased the static compression from pathetically low to a more reasonable 9.

The peanut-port heads received a light surface and performance valve job, but were not ported in any way. Additional power would be possible with porting, as the stock head flow was certainly limiting power of our After a fresh coat of paint, the was almost ready to rock, all it needed was the major power producer.

Though Gen-V big-block enthusiasts are quick to point to the cylinder heads, the reality is that the limiting factor in terms of power production was actually the camshaft. Designed for towing, the factory truck cams were the mildest of the bunch. To cure this problem, and maximize the power offered by the diminutive cylinder heads, we upgraded the factory camshaft. Cam selection is a function of usage, and while more power was certainly possible with a wilder profile, we chose the Xtreme Energy XEH from Comp Cams.

The XEH offered an impressive combination of performance and drivability on our inch motor. The XEH offered a. Small by big- blocks standards, the XEH offered an impressive combination of idle quality and torque production.

The cam and lifters were installed with liberal doses of assembly lube.Well I finally decided to do another TBI project. This time a So I found this nice completely stock SS which has the same engine as all the other TBI trucks just these made 20 more hp and torque because they got factory dual 2.

This truck is very stock with original catalytic converters and even still has the smog air pump. Initial impressions, it feels wimpy for having a 4. But the initial dyno numbers were better than expected. Red Graph Pulling hp and lb of torque at the rear wheels. This truck has the heavy duty 4L80E and heavy 14 bolt 9.

But down around that rpm mark it did make a good 20hp and 35lbs of torque more than the stock chip which is likely where they got their advertising numbers from.

Then I put my towmaster chip in blue graph and my torque numbers were a good 10lb over the Jet chip and horsepower numbers at peak were 20hp different but only about 5hp difference down at that number but dramatically better than stock. Stock versus stock anyway.

Now the chipped 7. So what am I going to do for this project. Well, GM didnt make many SS trucks. Most of my customers are 1 ton, suburban or motorhome customers, so I am going to build a torquey TOW beast.

I got some inspiration from this engine setup listed in car craft magazine. I was mainly interested in their rpm numbers as that is as much rpm as you really should be turning a TBI motor and TBI heads on their made hp and lb of torque. The best head they tested was the brodix which at rpms made hp and lbs of torque at rpms. This got me thinking that I should be able to pull right at 40hp less than Jims project with the stock heads.

I think it could possibly do better than that due to the intake Jim used I think restricted his engines potential. The flow numbers for the TBI head are:. Those flow numbers are nearly identical to the LQ4 heads on my ci dark nite proect truck www. So whats the PLAN. But see update below on my screwup ordering the roller cam setup in this truck. Based on the final dyno numbers the stock throttle body and intake should have been just fine and I would probably just use a flat tappet cam at that power level.

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On the air cleaner, I am going to run spectre air cleaner. This will get the air to the motor. Flat tappet cams are obsolete technology. To further enhance this engines capability, I am going to use a nice set of comp cams 1. I could use some cheap stainless ebay 1. This pretty much takes care of the changes to the engine. In addition, I will be upgrading the stock fuel pump and fuel pressure to the 18psi as I would would one of my custom chip kits and I am going to remove the mechanical fan and replace with electric as mechanical fans like flat tappet cams are obsolete technology and wasting power turning that thing.

All of this should not only make a significant increase in the power from this engine but also in how efficient the motor is. First off, I snagged a used throttle body off ebay and sent it out to www. Truly beautiful unit. Lunati LUNK retro roller cam setup. Lincoln town car radiator fan that I am going to adapt to fit in the factory shroud I will have pictures.

Well I lacked some motivation to get this project down because my brother decided to tear up his Dually truck and found a lot of issues with GEN V motors that just killed my motivation for my project truck. The roller cam setup does cure several of those issues though.

My biggest screw up was ordering that cam kit from Summit and then waiting 3 months to put it in.Reliable octane, big horsepower has been the Holy Grail for both enthusiasts and engine builders for some time now, with many choosing forced-induction to achieve that goal.

However, boost is not necessary to achieve dyno-twisting numbers. The big-block Chevrolet is an excellent starting point, with a design proven over the the last 40 years by numerous engine builders in a variety of street cars, hot rods and race cars. The finished engine boasts a colorful and well-detailed appearance as it will be showcased in a boat.

The BBC engine has undergone a number of revisions since its inception, but the Mark IV design — first introduced in the Daytona stock cars — has become the staple in the industry for big performance out of a workable package.

Aftermarket improvements such as cylinder heads, camshaft and valvetrain design have only added to its success. The customer wanted to retain the ability to chug around on the water using nothing more than 87 octane fuel. Pistons were set up. Domed piston volume can only be estimated by the manufacturer, so Petralia sets the piston up in the bore to find the true dome volume to assist in calculating actual compression ratio.

Meyer v wiring diagram 66 diagram base website diagram 66

Petralia then follows up with a computer-based formula to finish the calculation. A strong base. Anyone could scour a local U-Pull-It yard for a big-block Chevy crankcase, as they were delivered in millions of vehicles prior to their demise inwhich by then were known as the 8.

Revised oiling benefits larger cam bearings and increased camshaft lift, and the block has additional clearance for roller-style timing chains. Measuring the bore after final machining operations is critical — it allows Hardcore to place each measured piston in the best cylinder to complement those dimensions.

These measurements are taken in ten-thousandths of an inch. It arrives with a fully-finished 4. Petralia attached a torque plate to the top of the block and bored each of the eight holes to a 4.

He finished the block with a 9. Each piston is measured to provide Hardcore with its dimensions — Petralia has a detailed spreadsheet where each critical engine dimension is recorded for a true, fully-blueprinted engine.

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Fel-Pro gaskets are used to seal up the block-to-cylinder-head joint. In this application, a. In this application the I-beam design was deemed worthy to support the horsepower while remaining light enough to rev up quickly without hindering performance. The connecting rods have a single beam that runs across the rod cap to provide added strength and bearing support, while the beams have been polished to eliminate stress risers.

Filling the holes. During the build process, Hardcore checks every single engine they complete for water and oil leaks.

This leakdown tester is employed along with a number of custom-made plugs and caps to seal up the engine and ensure its integrity once the build is complete. Petralia has found this, in conjunction with an oiling-system check, to cost him only a few minutes of build time while potentially saving hours on the dyno.

Simplicity prevailed when selecting components for the oiling system. A Melling high-volume oil pump relies on a welded pickup to supply the oil from a Moroso street-strip wet-sump 6-quart pan. The pan features a 4. An ARP oil pump stud is used to retain the pump in place, and a Melling heavy-duty pump driveshaft turns the gerotor-style pump.

Petralia is meticulous about checking for leaks — the simple test of filling each port with solvent and walking away for an hour tells him how well the valves are sealing up. In order to prevent leaks, Petralia relies on a one-piece silicone rubber pan gasket and locking fasteners — because who wants to deal with a leaky oil pan on a brand-new engine?

Air In, Air Out. Intake valve size was locked down at 2. It features degrees of duration at. Lift figures are also on the mild side for a big-block at.

Degreeing the camshaft is an important step in the build process. It ensures that the engine will operate as intended. Each cylinder head is inspected numerous times throughout the build — they need to be put together and taken apart to check the springs, valve seal, and perform the port work and valve-seat machining operations.See all 15 photos.

Hot Rodding is a hobby—not a career—for the vast majority of us. We drool over billet, but settle for cast, and pinch pennies to eek the most out of our performance purchases. Horsepower per dollar is worth its weight in gold, and with this octane-compatible, horsepower barnstormer of a build, welcome to El Dorado. The interior was decrepit, and the external fiberglass paneling was cracked and rotting. The engine, however, a ci mark IV big-block Chevy, was healthy and showed only 35, miles on the clock.

Behind it was a TH that had been treated to a recent rebuild. As a whole, the RV was an ungainly eyesore. Under the skin, it was a perfect drivetrain donor. While vehicles of this stature aren't the most common or practical platforms out there, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge all offered big blocks for motorhome service. We have seen several make appearances at junkyards over the years, though they do present a much more challenging engine-pull scenario, which we'll attest to firsthand.

Knowing the RV was a lost cause from the get-go, no time was wasted being gentle pulling the engine.

Datatables createdrow

Sawzall's buzzed, prybars levered, and cutting torch flames licked away obstacles. Soon the grease-ball of a big-block was out and headed to Westech for a dyno and some mandatory speed parts.

Afterward, it would find a new home between the fenders of a GMC truck project. Smog era big blocks get a bad rap. Their sub But what would the year-old engine crank out on the engine dyno? Though it had a relatively conservative odometer reading of 35, lugging around a multi-ton motorhome isn't an easy life. Westech's Troy Goldie buckled the big-block into the dyno cell and Steve Brul worked the throttle for the first pull.

Through the stock Quadrajet carburetor and a set of uncorked dyno headers, the engine delivered an oddly quiet horsepower and whopping lb-ft of torque. It was definitely healthy and far livelier than expected. But who can leave well-enough alone? The goal wasn't simply to validate a stock RV engine, but to see what kind of grunt was locked inside those cubic inches by installing a better-breathing top end.

The kit included gaskets, valvetrain and camshaft, fasteners, and a set of PowerOval as-cast cylinder heads. That is certainly a significant amount of coin, but feasible for most gearheads with a project car piggy bank, or during tax return season.See all 26 photos. In case you haven't noticed, it's election season, and not surprisingly, the subject of the economy is being hotly debated.

While the politicians squabble over capital gains tax rates, the Social Security trust fund, and raising the retirement age, the rest of us are just trying to eke out a modest existence and still have a little automotive fun on the weekends. In that spirit, we present the Blue Collar Chevy Of the trio of big-block engines featured in this issue, our lowly Chevy posts the least impressive power numbers. However, it was built on a shoestring budget.

We reused as many parts as possible, and you'll notice we included everything in the parts list—paint, oil, even the brake cleaner we used to hose down parts prior to assembly.

454 towing build

While our horsepower figures aren't impressive, the Chevy engine starts easily, doesn't leak, doesn't overheat, sounds good, and was dirt cheap to build. And, man, does it make torque. You could stick this engine into the Chevy of your choice and smoke all the tread off your tires in a hurry.

And sometimes that's all an engine has to do. By the numbers: Bore: 4. Yup, we were nervous on dyno day. But instead of needing a mop and bucket, we were able to just stand back and watch as JMS' Jeff Johnson fired the engine and ran it through a standard cam break-in schedule.

Chevy 454 - Blue Collar Build

We were pleased to find no leaks, chuffing smoke, or deathly rattles. Instead, the engine settled into a smooth idle with the correct oil pressure. We weren't sure what to expect for power; this is a small cam, but we chose it because our guy at Summit says it's the company's best seller for big-block Chevys.

Why argue with numbers like that? Obviously, Summit's customers like torquey big-blocks, as this cam allowed our combination to make lb-ft of tire-melting torque at a nearly off-idle 3, rpm. Horsepower peaked at a languid 4, rpm, and the figure was better than we expected.

It's hard to beat this combination for the price see the accompanying chart for the breakdown. Note that we didn't include the cost of headers they vary depending on your car and tools because many of them can be rented or borrowed. Stay tuned for more of the Blue Collar We have plans for more compression, more cam, and a tune-up to the iron heads.

We'll see how far we can stretch our dollars in search of max power for minimal cost. Sears Craftsman Tools; Sears. Close Ad. John McGann writer. The Blue Collar Chevy Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.We had an amazing time and would like to come back and see the country in the wintertime. We had a great experience from the very beginning.

454 towing build

Cicci was always quick to respond to emails and answered all our questions prior to us making our final booking. Once we booked all the details (hotels, etc) started coming in and it was really helpful to have the "highlights" booklet to help us plan what we wanted to see and where we should stop each day on our drive.

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